Every Owner Is Unique- And So Is Their Dog

More than a dog collar, more than a pet necklace, more than mere adornment, K9 collarcouture by Frida Hulten, Sweden, connects the spiritual with the the material, the visible with the invisible. Put one on your hound and watch the transformation from pooch to Alpha Dog.


Jewellery for your Best Friend

Crafted from unique materials for unique beings

"Everything we think or say about jewellery applies to our pets- dogs especially. Our dogs go where we go, see more than we see. They´re part of us, part of our family! Dogs have been part of our life for thousands of years. Their connection to our lives is deep and essential."

Please contact me for a bespoke piece, or any questions you might have: frida@fridahulten.com

or visit the official website: www.k9collarcouture.com